Men’s Kit Short Sleeve Top in Air Balloon Ride

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The adult’s version of the versatile Henley shirt for the man of the house. ‘Kit’ is a collarless pullover shirt, characterized by a round neckline with button-up feature and practical elbow-length sleeves for effortless movements.

Up, up and above! What will you see when you’re up in the clouds above? Will the trees look different? Will the houses become smaller? So many things to wonder and ponder, but imagine the flabbergasting answers that you will discover — only if you’ve got the gut to hope over!

Let our luxurious touch wrap you soundly and comfortably, and may the engraved stories guide you as you’re sailing away on a sea of boundless imagination. Good night, sweet dreams.


Made in 95% TENCEL™, 5% elastane

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