Unisex Adult Boo Long pants in Cloverfield

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Basic pants to keep you snuggly warm at night or in a chilly setting. Ours, in our super soft fabric, boasts generous side pockets, with fit cupping and ankle length that pairs nicely with other Bébéboo Story’s top of your choice. 

Cloverfield, just like its name, is an artistic impression of a field full of clovers. Each clover is drawn uniquely so there is no one that looks like each other, but together, they create this beautiful vintage-feel print that is gender-neutral and timeless. Are you going to be the lucky one to find the four-leaf clover? Can you find it?

The pattern is hand-drawn and printed on TENCEL™ fabric that are known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant even to the sensitive skin. 

Let our luxurious touch wrap you soundly and comfortably, and may the engraved stories guide you as you’re sailing away on a sea of boundless imagination. Good night, sweet dreams. 

Made in 95% TENCEL™, 5% elastane

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