The Story of Bébéboo

Good night, sweet dreams. It's time for me to sleep.
The magical hour for bedtime stories is the inspiration behind Bébéboo Story.

But did you actually know what is behind the Bébéboo name?

Bébé means ‘baby’ in French, and ‘boo’ is a word you say to call someone you love very much. So, Bébéboo is a story about the love we have for the people who really matter to us. It is about time spent in candidness and togetherness — collecting moments and creating memories that will become the treasure of our lifetime. 

What is so inspiring about bedtime stories?

We believe that reading stories together before bedtime is a way for family to bond : sharing love and imagination over stories they devour together. It is a time to pass down life wisdom and to pour out their whole presence for the ones they love. Bedtime stories becomes a symbol of a meaningful togetherness - the sweetness of childhood that will be remembered forever.

Bedtime stories is also our interpretation to honor our downtime —  the comforting and restorative essences of rest. We believe that sleeping is not just a passive act. In fact, while our body may seem idle, our mind is not. Sleeping is a gateway to the realm where possibilities are endless in the universe of dream. And bedtime stories are the prelude to the beauty that will begin as soon as we close our eyes and tucked away in the embrace of slumberland enclave.



Meet Bébé and Leon!

This little curious mouse and adventurous lion cub are your new friends who will take you on an exciting journey across many beautiful bedtime stories that you might never heard of. Bébé loves reading. She will munch on anything that has words. That’s how she becomes a mighty mouse despite of her petite size — knowledge is power, right? Then there is Leon. Although he is decidedly the king of the jungle, but never once Leon takes it as a thing to boast on. As we can see, he befriends little Bébé, taking her on many adventures and protecting her as his own. Together, they are facing the world — finding beauty along the way, sharing wonders and telling the stories of the joy of life. 

Rewriting Luxury

With Bébé and Leon, we are redefining the meaning of luxury. From all the stories that we had read and had inspired us, we understand that luxury also means to take delight in the passing of time unhurriedly. That is why in Bébéboo Story, we want to honor process, methods, and dedication in creating quality. All images in Bébéboo Story are hand drawn thoughtfully. Each material that we choose has undergone thorough research and relentless development. Every stitch is someone's (not machine's) artistry. And each one of your package will be wrapped, sealed, and calligraphed personally for you.
Every step is important. Every phase is meaningful to us.
Because every one of them is telling you a symphony of a sincere story. Our story.
And now, it becomes yours, too.